Comic #1

Welcome, once again, to Green Spark Comics. In the comic above, I have broken all the rules about starting a webcomic. And by “all the rules,” I specifically mean Jeph Jacques’ rules about starting a webcomic (primarily rule #5), which can be found here. Hopefully telling you not to bother reading my webcomic won’t have been a terrible mistake.

I apologize in advance for the state of this website. I’m still learning web development, so the site isn’t as polished as I would have liked it to be at launch, but it was important to me to stick to the launch schedule I had planned. In time, I hope to make this site cleaner and easier to navigate, but this will have to do for now.

At least for the time being, each comic will also include a blog post similar to this one. This is because Google AdSense requires websites to have a certain amount of text, rather than being mostly images, before they’ll let you use their ads. So you have that to look forward to, if reading these is something you particularly enjoy. Anyway, I feel like this has gone on for long enough, so I’ll wrap this up. I hope you enjoy your stay at Green Spark Comics!